COVID-19 Update: Using our 3D printers, we are actively designing and producing supplies to help combat COVID-19. We have paused all other services to prioritize health services. If you have any questions or can help us in any way please contact us at info(at) or 403.966.5544

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Simplifying design

Invakor provides an all-in service package called “Collaborative Workspace Service Package” or CWMP for short. CWMP is a continued effort to maintain the design phase of a product short and profitable. It is meant to accelerate the design variation of part by generating one model that can be customized into all variations. It can be completed for different levels of design from part to complete assembly. To achieve this goal, Invakor works closely with every member of the client's organization through the following phases.

  1. Requirement Gathering

  2. Library Building

  3. Flash Design Services

  4. Implementation & Maintenance

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