COVID-19 Update: Using our 3D printers, we are actively designing and producing supplies to help combat COVID-19. We have paused all other services to prioritize health services. If you have any questions or can help us in any way please contact us at info(at) or 403.966.5544

About Invakor

For businesses seeking advanced and custom product design and manufacturing services with lower overhead costs and turnaround time. Invakor Technologies Inc. provides innovative automation modelling and additive manufacturing solutions that adapt to the client’s needs.

Message from the CEO

Since the dawn of time, engineering and architecture has been instrumental to our existence. Our knowledge has increased and our skills have developed. We have built wonders around the world, invented great machines, weapons and accessories of all kinds. We have developed technologies that allow us to communicate great distances and store a great quantity of knowledge, so that everyone and future generations may access it. We have accomplished so much in so little time.

When we give it a close look, we are but toddlers, taking our first steps rolling our feet into a great leap forward. We have made good and bad choices. Like children, we fought ferociously with our brothers and sisters, discovering how dangerously harmful the wrong application of knowledge can be. We have also learned how to better care for one another and use technological instruments for this very purpose. Like children we learn to move through time and space so that we may continue to grow and evolve.

We have come so far in our technological advancement and yet there is so much that is unknown to us. Every day we push our education and skills into the development of more technology for the betterment of the world and discover new frontiers, all in the hope that one day we will have accomplished balance in our world. A time where all have enough to live long lives. Living with the hope that one day our limits will be those of far reached solar systems and galaxies.

Invakor Technologies greatest ambition is to be part of the movement that propels our society forward, helping those with creative minds in taking a step further towards the wonders of tomorrow.

- Leon Grenier