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Design Automation

Design Automation is perfect for any organization that designs standard parts for manufacturing with features that can be customized. Working with automated designs allows minimizing cost related to the design process. An automated design is, in fact, an interactive tool which accelerates the design process leading to production and generates a quicker return on investments. To accomplish this, we use the production history of the organization which contains all approved designs of all products. We make your past profitable once more.

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Component, Assembly & Sub-Assembly Creation

For automated designs to function, a well-organized content library must be created. To create this content Library, we first understand the product and how it is manufactured. While we learn the production process of the product, we gather the…

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Individual Parts & Assembly Programming

An automated design has programmable features that can be shifted from one variation of a standard part to another. This process is done by simply changing a value in a form. The programming of a part allows generating a wide variety of standard parts…

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Fabrication Drawing Automation

Once the parts and assembly are designed, we then link drawings which automatically adapt to the model via programing. This cuts down countless hours of the design process and standardizes the drawing conventions used by the manufacturer and improves…

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Flash Design

Flash Design services are accessible to clients who have automated design. Because we generate automated design, we understand how they work and how to maintain and implement them. Therefore, it would only be natural that Invakor Technology offers…

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