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Individual Parts & Assembly Programming

An automated design has programmable features that can be shifted from one variation of a standard part to another. This process is done by simply changing a value in a form. The programming of a part allows generating a wide variety of standard parts from one model in only a few seconds.

The features of a well-designed and programmable part can also be controlled from within an assembly. This allows the computer-assisted designer to work from the main assembly while having access to all variations of parts instantaneously. Even better, a well-designed and programmed assembly of a product that offers ten models, and each model has fifty parts with different standard variation, the entire design of that model could be generated by simply choosing a model number in a dropdown menu in a form. The design would be instantaneously generated with all the right parts and each part with all the right features.

In order to accomplish this, the function of each feature of a part is considered as well as its position and purpose in an assembly. The features are then programmed to interact with a dedicated form. That form dictates changes that can be done within the boundary of the standard parts or assemblies.


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