COVID-19 Update: Using our 3D printers, we are actively designing and producing supplies to help combat COVID-19. We have paused all other services to prioritize health services. If you have any questions or can help us in any way please contact us at info(at) or 403.966.5544

3D Modeling

In engineering, 3D modeling is used to quickly provide various conceptual designs of products. Because of the efficiency of 3d modeling software such as Inventor, the concept can then be used to produce an accurate visual representation of the products and all its parts and features. Much like using a block of clay, adding, removing and modifying features but without the mess. This accelerates the development process and allows the client to have a comfortable understanding of what is happening with the project.

These models can then be used to perform all kinds of analysis to ensure the parts and assembly are virtually functioning properly.The object can be animated and seen working in time-lapsed videos, saving hundreds of hours in real world testing.  

With today's technology, these same models are also used to fabricate the parts using additive manufacturing (3D printing) and by CNC and other machines.